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Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Neuroscience

Mind Brain Education and More

Led by Dr. Michael J. Orosco, Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Neuroscience is based on the principle that people’s sociocultural environments largely shape their thinking and behavior. The center draws on the latest research from mind, brain, and education (MBE) neuroscience, education, and educational psychology to fully understand how people learn and develop from diverse backgrounds and what can be done to improve their learning and development.

CCREN Resources

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What We Do

Our work sits at the intersection of many disciplines, and the research and coursework we offer likewise appeal to a wide swath of professionals, academics, and researchers.
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Mind Brain Education

What is Mind Brain Education and how does new science about the brain help shape educational approaches?
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MBE Certificate

In the MBE certificate, you will learn how the latest findings in educational neuroscience bear on fundamental questions of education, such as how people learn and what we can do to improve learning
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This center aligns with KU’s "Realize Intersectional Standards of Excellence (RISE)” mission and vision that is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are integral to every part of KU’s research, scholarship, teaching, service, community engagement, and support.

Realizing Intersectional Standards of Excellence (RISE)

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